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It's probably impossible to know, but I wonder how much responsibility Dan Olsen's "Line Goes Up" documentary had on killing the NFT mythos and causing that particular market to collapse.

I've never seen an anti-crypto video go viral so quickly, and have such a positive reception. He really did a fantastic job of laying out all the reasons that NFTs, and crypto as a whole, are a giant scam. And the timing of it going viral compared to the collapse in value of NFTs is interesting.

Rewatching Bleach and delighted to learn I can still recite the opening bars of ~Asterisk~ verbatim.

Hey, good news: crypto is still in the toilet and NFTs are still a laughing stock.

Endwalker, theming spoilers 

I think Endwalker is one of the best games I've ever played in terms of narrative and it was also incredibly challenging to get through in terms of subject matter. Hit very close to home, and while I'm glad I finished it I wouldn't consider it "fun" because it really leveraged your relationship with the characters to drive some strong emotions.

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Endwalker, theming spoilers 

A normal, well-adjusted MMO: Go and claim the sword of Zanzibart, and with it call forth the Army of the Righteous, and drive the Night King from this realm.

Endwalker: Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless. Everything is meaningless!

The thing I love about Dad jokes is the absolute freedom that comes with telling it, laughing at your own joke, and not caring whether the other person finds it funny. In fact, often the best result is one in which the recipient groans in dismay.

Was listening to a shuffle mix on Spotify and Super Sonic Racing came on. Bout lost my freaking mind, holy hell what a hype song I had completely forgotten about.

Need to decide whether to play Hollow Knight again before Silksong comes out.

You pass by Sandrock's room and overhear him shouting "Just ink the base, it's free points!!"

Is he:

A) Working on his calligraphy
B) Attempting to 3D print a figurine
C) Playing Splatoon 2
D) Slowly losing his grip on reality

The Wheel of Time mini series wasn't a perfect adaptation, but I found myself wishing there was more for me to watch last night, so I guess that's a sign they did something right.

"Let's throw one of those beefy arms back on for good measure."

Love to download Diablo Immortal, be told to free up 5GB of space, free that space up, and then be told I need to free up another 5GB of space.

Not sure why we have to meter apps this way. Can we please just list the real space requirements on the app page?


Also, it features one of my favorite gags of all time: John Netrunner.

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I really can't express enough how much I loved this game when Fantasy Flight released it. There's never really been another game like it, in any medium or genre.

If you have no idea what Netrunner is, this video does a pretty great job of selling the idea and giving an overview of where Netrunner stands in 2022.

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Project Nisei is doing everything from reviving the old card sets to creating an onboarding "starter set" to try and ease new players into the game. You can either print and play the game or pay a very reasonable amount to use a card printing service to send the game to you.

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So some of you have probably heard of Netrunner, the Cyberpunk MtG-Style card game released in 2012 that kind of lit the internet's brain on fire and has, for many people, hung on as something between a favorite memory and an unceasing yearning for what was.

Well good news: Netrunner is still going. In one of the best examples of life imitating art I've ever seen, an anarcho-collective of volunteers are not only still making the game, they're giving it away as a free print and play.

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