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"But Sandrock, what about the first movie, The Rescuers?"

I think for a moment, steeple my fingers, move as if to speak, then sit back in my chair. After several long moments, I say, "...Listen...Here's the thing."

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People really did sleep on The Rescuers Down Under. It's, in my opinion, right up there in quality with other Disney movies of that era (early 90s). But I think because it was a sequel it didn't get the marketing push it deserved.

McLeach, the villain, in particular is a ton of fun to watch on screen. His whole premise is that he's a poacher with a lot of guns, traps, and an oversized truck, and his VA seamlessly switches from comedic to menacing in a really fun way.

If I were on the internet, I would let people enjoy the thing they are enjoying. It would be easy.

I haven't felt inspired to make something like this since KH3 came out, so I guess it's time I admit that Kingdom Hearts is my muse.

We don't get to pick these things, only embrace or reject them.

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Remember Bugsnax and how it freaked everyone the hell out for a couple of months? That feels like a lifetime ago.

There's definitely a lot of ways to fall into bitterness playing this game, whether it's because of the price model, the latest >60% winrate deck, or just having a bad streak of luck. But for me, I've fallen into a kind of zen-like cycle where if I have a bad moment or day, I let it go and try again the next day. I rarely am able to do that in competitive games, so this hyper-focusing streak has been really cool for me.

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I can totally see why people drop thousands into this game in paper. The gameplay loop is very tight, and the frequency of new cards means that if there's an annoying deck that's popular that it's going to be taken down by either a new deck or a new card within the next few weeks or months. It's hard to find games that have this level of self-balance and developer balancing this frequently.

And like, the balancing isn't even correct half the time. But it doesn't really matter.

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I've been playing MTGA almost daily since January. The last game that I played this much was FF14 (which I had to take a break from because the Endwalker storyline was hitting a little too close to home for the headspace I was in), and it's the first competitive game I've played this much since Overwatch.

There's definitely something more to this than "pwn noobs" for me. The loop of finding a deck that is interesting, and figuring out how to pilot it well is exhilarating, I can't get enough.

I don't have answers on how to radically change climate policy and dismantle the fossil fuel industry. But I know pretty certainly that protests, while they have moved the overton window, aren't going to get the job done alone. And I can't help but wonder how much more effective these scientists could have been if they found a way to take direct action that didn't put them in the prison system.

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If you're in a position of respect and authority and you want to make a difference, you need to be speaking to media and political consultants. You need to be engaging with advocacy groups. You need to have a plan beyond "make lots of noise and hope news trucks show up."

Extinction Rebellion's tactics have always been a bit dubious, because while it raised awareness it's not clear how "get arrested" translates to real change in a world where moral arguments effect little change in the system.

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While I think it takes a lot of courage to do what these scientists did and I applaud their desire to not sit on the sidelines, this outcome was entirely predictable given that Extinction Rebellion has been trying the "get arrested" tactic since 2018 and the media lost interest pretty much the second the pandemic hit.

It's 2022. It's time to move beyond moral outrage that the media isn't reporting the way we want and time to be strategic.

I'm firmly of the belief that education is vital to a well-rounded and healthy society, but shit like this is what makes people think school is just a giant pyramid scheme.

They were basically trying to sell dlc, freaking horse armor, for my degree, and they couldn't even come up with a compelling lie as to why it was worth my while to pay more money and spend more time getting a degree at a private college which was already charging me up the ass.

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Apropos of nothing, I remembered in my undergrad program that my school announced an "Honors Degree Program" where, if you paid more money and did more coursework, you would get an "Honors Bachelor of Arts." When they announced the program, I emailed the coordinator and asked what the advantages were of getting this kind of degree, and he replied with "only you can say whether or not it's worth it ;)."

I did not enroll and they discontinued the program less than 2 years later.

Fediblock Recommendation 

Recommend blocking No rules about hate speech or alt-right bad behavior, and has users who openly advertise having alts on gleasonator and who use and boost the r-slur. I reported one of the users and contacted the admin about if any action was taken or would be taken a week ago and received radio silence.

Either they're asleep at the wheel and it's un-moderated or they just don't see a problem with it.

LB: An unmoderated platform is a vehicle for malware and spam. The fact that the platform in question is run by a 12-figure mega-Corp is just proof that they were never interested in creating products, just in colonizing space and extracting rent.

Reminder that April Fool's day is often incredibly hostile to Autistic people who have a hellish enough time discerning what people mean on a normal day. If you want to participate maybe run your idea past an Autistic person first to see if they would be hurt or upset by it.

Or just, don't do it at all. Even better.

I think it's not only possible to challenge other people's beliefs, but to do it in a way that is safe, non-hostile, and non-judgmental, and I would love if that was something that was reclaimed from alt-right 4channers. But I'm also not interested in going on a Quixotic quest to change the mindset of an entire community, as I've had more than enough of those in my lifetime.

The catch-22 is that, if there isn't a consensus that it's ok to do this, then there's no point in doing it.

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To put it a different way: when the far right used logic-bro personas as a way to harass vulnerable people, they not only caused damage by the harassment itself, but also in the act of taking a good thing (verifying if something is true and challenging claims that are incorrect or harmful) and making people afraid to do it because they don't want to be "like them."

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I understand why it happened (the people that said it were often annoying/obnoxious about it and weren't acting in good faith) but I think it was a huge mistake to demonize the act of asking people to cite their sources.

The left has grown increasingly enthralled to conspiracy theories and fantastical beliefs about what is happening in the world, and I think a healthy exchange of "that's interesting, can you show me where you learned that?" is good and necessary to curb misinformation.

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