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The Good Dinosaur spoilers/live watch, guess we're doing this 


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Watching The Good Dinosaur for the first time and WOW this is such a fascinating train wreck.

It's not good. Not even close. But you can see what they were going for in every scene and how, every time, they somehow managed to shoot just to the left of the target.

It's confusing because it's not without charm. Arlo is genuinely likeable and it has some very charming moments. But wow does it make some odd choices that just makes it hard to not be pulled out of the movie.

I don't really like pranks, but a good one I thought of would be to put tiny speakers powered by pi zeroes and small batteries inside a flower shop.

At random intervals they would play flowey's laugh, and once a day at a pre-determined time, they would play his ultra laugh.

I kept a replay of that game for a while, and it was one of the few I actually went back later and watched, and you could actually see the moment when I went super saiyan. I went from making slow, purposeful to moves to unrelenting, ruthless attacks. It was like watching someone else play.

Sadly I wasn't able to figure out how to get the replay off the Wii U before Nintendo patched the game, which made the replay unwatchable.

But I still think about it, years later.

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In the most tense moment I've ever felt in an online game, I launched a forward smash against a neutral-a, and I picked up my win. As I got the win my vision focused in on my surroundings again and my entire body unclenched. It felt like I had run a marathon.

That was the most proud moment of my online gaming career: when I beat the shit out of a twelve-year old for being rude to me in a video game.

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I vividly remember entering what I can only describe as a trance-like state, wherein my entire mind and willpower became laser focused on beating this turd-stain of a player. Despite the fact that Link is slower than Pikachu and was often considered C or B tier at best, I started to eke out some gains against him. I picked up on his patterns, started to read him, and took a stock. Then another. Soon we were on the final stock.

My entire body was tense and my brain felt like it was on fire.

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I generally don't get into the mindset for fighting games, as I'm generally pretty laid-back and games with constant conflict get stressful to me. But for a while I played Smash 4 on Wii U online, and I remember this one match against an obnoxious Pikachu player.

I was like, the one person that played Link online, and this Pikachu player was just being incredibly rude while he was stomping me (taunting, t-bagging, typical gamer stuff).

After he took the second stock from me something snapped.

D4 and O2 getting delayed is definitely the least surprising news of the year. Even before the staff departures some of the dev documents I saw coming out for D4 showed a pretty turbulent development process. Last I heard the talent/skill point system still hadn't been finalized, which is a pretty fundamental thing to still be working on this late into development. It's one thing to do balancing and stat distributions, another entirely to be re-conceptualizing it a year from release.

Thinking about how in Persona 5 the Metaverse is the embodiment of the collective human consciousness, and it's full of nightmares.

Facebook is also trying to rebrand themselves as the Metaverse... Just waiting for the lawsuit from Atlus at this point.

The irony is that, by criminalizing responsible reporting, you drive out all the people who were willing to audit you, and now you're signaling to black hat hackers that you are a prime target. I expect that there will be some sort of data breach in one or both of these states in the next five years.

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Conservatives tend to be very insecure about their lack fo education and understanding, and see it as an affront to their honor if someone does something they perceive as making them look weak or stupid.

So you get dumbass shit like this where a journalist used a built in browser feature to view publicly accessible code, and because it showed a major mistake on the part of a conservative government they deflect by accusing them of hacking.

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The Missouri right-click criminalization is part of a trend where conservative governments attack people for doing things they don't understand.

Remember when two pentesters were arrested for doing the job the state hired them to do and the state wouldn't back them up? Even after the charges were eventually dropped it still had professional ramifications, because you don't get charged with burglary and it not affect you.

If I were the Galactic Federation, I would simply not preserve any Metroid specimens in hopes of utilizing it for energy and bioweapon purposes.

Overwatch character renaming 

I know I've read Mcree's new name several times, but all my brain wants to go with is "Cole Kidman" and honestly that's probably just what I'm gonna call him going forward.

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