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Creative professionals: don't let people lowball you on one-off work. You're not generic and interchangeable. They're coming to you because they want what you produce. The correct response to "$200? But I can get this for $50 on Fiverr" is "okay, then enjoy what you get for $50 on Fiverr".

There are thousands of people across the US who can't even.

For the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can support our efforts to help them learn to even again.

The year is 2520, America has completed it's transition to Communism, but only by co-opting the language of our oppressors.

You swipe your Eagle Card at your Doctor's office, and the system determines that your Universal Liberty Care will cover the costs. It always does.

You stop at the McDonald's Co-Op and swipe again, and a fair fee is removed from your Universal Freedom Income

Stellaris DLC Discussion 

@swiff Okay here we go. I basically just summed up whats in each pack, what I think of it and a score out of 10.

Species Packs:

So theres four now. Plantoids, Lithoids, Necroids and Humanoids.

Each adds more portraits, and new types of species you can play as. I'd say lithoids (rock people) is the best. Each adds some cool content and they recently updated Plantoids and Humanoids to match the content levels in Necroids and Lithoids.

5/10 pick up if you want


Adds a BUNCH of Massive Space Monsters! It's pretty simple. It's uh pretty good. They have good loot and they're a fun challenge but not really super neccessary

3/10 eh


Adds ascensions and megastructures and hive minds. This one is basically stuff I consider core gameplay mechanics (I thought ascension perks were???? what?). Anyway, megastructure building is awesome and so are hiveminds. This is probably one of the most important IMHO

9/10 Basically Core Content

Syntetic Dawn:

Hey you wanna be a fucking robot? you can be a robot hive mind!!! It's pretty cool, and robots play so different from biological pops. Very good imo



Adds a bunch of stuff for Really Fucking Everyone Up. Bigger ships and planet killing weapons. If you wanna go ape shit and you're tired of being nice, pick this up, but its not core content imo. It also adds some features that I think are pretty good (Marauder empires who you can hire to kill shit, or can unify to create a Khantate).


Distant Stars:

Adds The L-Cluster. It's a really interesting strategic plot point. It really doesn't add much but I think its worth it!



Wanna do Capitalism? In Space?! yeah no its uh, okay. It adds new megastrucures and megacorps. It's alright, get it if you want but personally, I never play megacorps


Ancient Relics:

Adds Relics! Basically, adds archeology. Fun little content pack. A lot of random features dont really, fit? without this DLC Like leviathans? but its not neccessary. If doing space archeology and finding hidden secrets sounds fun then yeah, pick it up!



A massive DLC, it basically adds a galactic community, new forms of federations, new megastrucutres. This is a good one imo. I'm not sure how much is in the free game currently, but this is really good, especially with Nemesis



Have you ever wanted to go apeshit? well now you can. Adds become the crisis! Or you can do the opposite and become the Galactic Custodian! Then coup and become The Galactic Emperor. It's really fun, oh and it also adds spying. A kind of minor thing IMO but pretty useful.

8/10 Go Be Evil

Some of my single mum friends have been really struggling this year (one family in a refuge now even, yikes), been thinking of getting each of their kids something for xmas. I'm not great with what kids are into though, any parents/guardians here got any tips? They're all between the ages of 2-5ish I think

something something interfaith ministers are sects workers

You can tell a male is alpha if they have more rounded corners highly saturated dark printing. Beta males are similar to alphas, but have tighter corners and fixed some printing mistakes. Unlimited males have a white border but were still printed with high saturation colors. Revised males look like Unlimited males but are more washed out, and feature a “T” tap symbol. Summer males are the most rare and can be distinguished by their 1994 copyright notice.

Over at Twitter, one of the authors of the study adds: "We quantified there's about 2.9 million machines. If they last for 1.5 years, then less than 80.000 of them will ever create a single block at all - more than 97% of machines will be discarded without even producing a single useful contribution ever."

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"The lifespan of bitcoin mining devices remains limited to just 1.29 years. As a result, we estimate that the whole bitcoin network currently cycles through 30.7 metric kilotons of equipment per year."

Do these people think everyone in an employee owned bakery, for example, would just stand there looking at a broken oven forever until a wise Small Business Owner came by and told them what to do?

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Theranos lacked basic, boilerplate safety and contagion handling procedures when it started. Staff didn't wear lab coats, goggles, or any PPE. Blood stains could frequently be seen on surfaces in the lab from spills. All they had were wet wipes to "disinfect." One lab tech got sprayed in the eyes with a sample because they weren't wearing goggles.

This company had zero business running a lab or developing a machine to process blood samples. But VCs gave them hundreds of millions.

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As you can imagine, when you're trying to develop a machine that can detect infectious diseases in blood samples this is a bit of a problem, as literally everything in the building now had Ebola DNA all over it.

Management had to be harassed for a month solid that they needed to fix it before they finally gave in.

They called in a special fumigation company to use a combination of UV lighting and peroxide fumes... which still wasn't enough to get rid of it all. So they used bleach.

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Some fun stuff is coming out as we gear up for the Elizabeth Holmes trial (former CEO of tech startup Theranos).

My favorite anecdote is about the time that someone in the lab left an ebola sample running in the machine overnight with it's cover off... directly beneath an HVAC vent. Ebola DNA got sucked up and sprayed all over the building.

Which isn't as dangerous as it sounds... but it does mean that if you test a drop of water from the sink it'll test positive for Ebola.

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