@noelle I know how you feel. I had two major whiffs my first time because I instinctively blinked. Hard to argue with the results though, definitely recommend.

Saw an optometrist for the first time in about six years. Minor prescription upgrade, but her biggest feedback was "... Do you use the computer a lot?" I laughed and told her I work in IT. She casually went "... You should get some eyedrops."

I did and Holy wow it doesn't hurt to look at things anymore. Why did no one tell me about this.

YYH also came out in 1992, so like... this warning was pre-internet. Imagine not yet having access to *all human knowledge* and going "This is kind of a lot. Maybe don't take it in all at the same time and out of context."

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Yu Yu Hakusho Spoilers 

There's a character in the third major arc of YYH that basically gets black-pilled after he's forced to watch a video compilation of every atrocity mankind has ever committed called "Chapter Black." This becomes his motivation to open up a door to the underworld that allows demons to pass into the human world unimpeded.

If that isn't a tale of morality for why you shouldn't be constantly online or reading the news I don't know what is.

Political strategy, disability 

Casual reminder that if your idea of a new world requires disabled people to die in order to accomplish your goal, that you are just another oppressor.

I can see the wheels turning. I can see the numbers being crunched in your head, wondering if it would be worth it. If anyone would even care. Knock it off.

@malte @doot @yaelwrites Collaborating is a strong word here. PVPN was given a court order and forced to turn over evidence. Collaboration implies that there's an open dialogue between them and the government, and there's no evidence of this.

@noelle A version of FF7 that is visually indistinguishable from E.T. for Atari.

Did you know that the Sega Saturn discs were straight CD-ROMs, and that the music on them was often encoded to be playable by a CD player?

My mother discovered this fact when youngling Sandrock came into the car holding his jewel case for Sonic R with a big grin on his face.

If you have a smartphone I highly recommend using Airguard. It passively scans for airtags and other smart trackers, and if it finds one that hangs around for too long or shows up in multiple locations it alerts you. It also allows you to trigger a sound if you're close enough.

This obviously won't protect you from state surveillance or anything like that, but it will let you know if someone is trying to stalk you with off-the-shelf tech by, say, hiding one on your car or belongings.

@Morgan Very hard agree. Its been a while since I saw a movie that was aggressively average in quality, and not in a "there is nothing remarkable about this" way, but rather a "for every thing this movie does right there is something equally bad holding it back" way.

Kind of an interesting case study, actually. I'm really interested in learning about its development and what went wrong.

@lapis I'm a simple man: if someone plays God of the Dead, I spend the next hour giving my underworld Dad the finger by killing all his minions.

It's probably impossible to know, but I wonder how much responsibility Dan Olsen's "Line Goes Up" documentary had on killing the NFT mythos and causing that particular market to collapse.

I've never seen an anti-crypto video go viral so quickly, and have such a positive reception. He really did a fantastic job of laying out all the reasons that NFTs, and crypto as a whole, are a giant scam. And the timing of it going viral compared to the collapse in value of NFTs is interesting.

Rewatching Bleach and delighted to learn I can still recite the opening bars of ~Asterisk~ verbatim.

Hey, good news: crypto is still in the toilet and NFTs are still a laughing stock.

Endwalker, theming spoilers 

I think Endwalker is one of the best games I've ever played in terms of narrative and it was also incredibly challenging to get through in terms of subject matter. Hit very close to home, and while I'm glad I finished it I wouldn't consider it "fun" because it really leveraged your relationship with the characters to drive some strong emotions.

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Endwalker, theming spoilers 

A normal, well-adjusted MMO: Go and claim the sword of Zanzibart, and with it call forth the Army of the Righteous, and drive the Night King from this realm.

Endwalker: Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless. Everything is meaningless!

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