Uspol, student loans 

After having a chance to review things I think this is a classic case of Democrats burying the lede and not doing a good job of selling what they've actually done.

Yes, $10k is a pittance for most borrowers. But the real juice of this order is the interest rate freeze, imo.

My student loans have ballooned in size 25% since I graduated in 2014. I haven't been able to pay a cent, and even if I had it likely would have frozen the amount I owed, not reduced it.

Uspol, student loans 

Charging 0% interest for borrowers on the IBR plan that make their payments on time eliminates the most predatory factor of student loans. Capping payments to 5% of discretionary income (literally a percentage of a percentage of your income) is also huge.

Effectively what this is doing is providing monthly payment relief for borrowers, and that's how it should have been sold.

Yes, it should all be forgiven. But this is a tangible improvement for many, myself included.

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