Pyre, slight spoilers 

Started playing this finally last night, and I definitely understand why people didn't connect with it. The "game" part of it ("The Rite") feels more like a mini game than you would expect. It's interesting, but I wouldn't say it hooked me.

The real meat of the gameplay loop is around the characters and world, and I think your enjoyment of the game largely depends on how interesting you find that side of it.

I would say I'm firmly in the middle of "love it" and "hate it."

Pyre, slight spoilers 

It's hard to quantify, but something about the writing feels a bit off. Not horrible, but almost... Incomplete?

The characters are cool, but I think the structure of sending them away limits how much characterization they could give them, which feels like a mistake given how much time was spent lovingly drawing their models.

Still, a very cool experience. Not sure if I'll continue, but glad I tried it.

re: Pyre, slight spoilers 

@Sandrockcstm I wonder if this is why I have such a hard time connecting with it? I mean, I like that the game doesn't judge you on whether or not you comply, but it's like, Jodi. Jodi deserves to go home, but I miss having her so much :blobsob:

re: Pyre, slight spoilers 

@lapis Yeah, I felt the same! It's a good idea on paper, but in execution asking you to create strong emotional ties to these characters when you know they'll be leaving your party just... doesn't seem to work that well.

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