So some of you have probably heard of Netrunner, the Cyberpunk MtG-Style card game released in 2012 that kind of lit the internet's brain on fire and has, for many people, hung on as something between a favorite memory and an unceasing yearning for what was.

Well good news: Netrunner is still going. In one of the best examples of life imitating art I've ever seen, an anarcho-collective of volunteers are not only still making the game, they're giving it away as a free print and play.

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Project Nisei is doing everything from reviving the old card sets to creating an onboarding "starter set" to try and ease new players into the game. You can either print and play the game or pay a very reasonable amount to use a card printing service to send the game to you.


I really can't express enough how much I loved this game when Fantasy Flight released it. There's never really been another game like it, in any medium or genre.

If you have no idea what Netrunner is, this video does a pretty great job of selling the idea and giving an overview of where Netrunner stands in 2022.


Also, it features one of my favorite gags of all time: John Netrunner.

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