Mastotip: If you tag person x in a DM with person y, both x and y will be able to see what you said. A common workaround is to put spaces between the @ sign and the username (I.e. @ sandrockcstm @

This is really key if you are discussing a moderation related issue with an admin, say if person x is harassing you. If you tag that person you can inadvertently get them to see the conversation. This is not clear from the UI and a common trap for new users.

@Sandrockcstm DMs are clearly the lowlight of Mastodon (and not really DMs in the first place), to the point they are a harmful feature. The APIs to fix it are there (e.g. but AFAIK no one is working on doing DMs right.

@jmcs @Sandrockcstm Not sure how the "mentioned users" part can be made clearer.

@n0toose @Sandrockcstm the only real solution is to implement real DMs instead of having some kind of private toot. The problem is that implies reinventing the wheel or finding a way of integrating an existing chat server.

@jmcs @Sandrockcstm Well, I can't work on that. For now, preventing people getting hurt from something that has the capacity to hurt right now before the systemic problem is addressed is better than nothing, isn't it?

@privateger Yes it is! And unfortunately it doesn't seem like it's a priority to fix it, as people have been complaining about it for 3-4 years.

@Sandrockcstm i feel like at a UI level this could just be a big red warning?

cc @Tusky

@Sandrockcstm another way to point to someone without it technically being a mention is to use a link, like

And this also applies to follower-only posts as well, they are visible to non-following mentioned users too (which is useful when replying in a thread)

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