Randomly remembered "Space Ghost: Coast To Coast" as a thing that existed on late-night Cartoon Network, where Space Ghost was a talk show host and would interview real life celebrities while his producer, Moltar, and his musician, Zorak, would taunt him and make his life miserable. It was awesome.

@Sandrockcstm I had a college roommate that had these all on CD. Apparently he got it from his local radio station when they stopped using it.

@Sandrockcstm This show is deeply burned into my subconscious. It aired before Speed Racer during eatly 90s CN's late late night block. I would fight like he'll as a 4 yo to try to make it to Speed Racer, but would usually fall asleep to Space Ghost. It came back when I was a teen and was every bit as weird. Good stuff!

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