The Missouri right-click criminalization is part of a trend where conservative governments attack people for doing things they don't understand.

Remember when two pentesters were arrested for doing the job the state hired them to do and the state wouldn't back them up? Even after the charges were eventually dropped it still had professional ramifications, because you don't get charged with burglary and it not affect you.

Conservatives tend to be very insecure about their lack fo education and understanding, and see it as an affront to their honor if someone does something they perceive as making them look weak or stupid.

So you get dumbass shit like this where a journalist used a built in browser feature to view publicly accessible code, and because it showed a major mistake on the part of a conservative government they deflect by accusing them of hacking.

The irony is that, by criminalizing responsible reporting, you drive out all the people who were willing to audit you, and now you're signaling to black hat hackers that you are a prime target. I expect that there will be some sort of data breach in one or both of these states in the next five years.

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