Guilty Gear Strive Initial Thoughts 

Ahhhhhhhhhh I'm so bad at this!!


Guilty Gear Strive Initial Thoughts 

This isn't a surprise in the least. The only fighter games I've played are Smash and Soul Caliber 2. I have almost no muscle memory built for these kinds of fighting game inputs.

Thankfully there's what looks like a fairly in-depth tutorial and some decent videos on the Tube. I'm sure I'll be scrub-level within a week or so.

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Guilty Gear Strive Initial Thoughts 

This is the first game in a long time that I'm approaching with a complete learner mindset instead of a "I have an hour let's have some quick fun." Last time I played a game to study it was EU4, almost 4 years ago. It's nice to finally have the brain space to have a game in my life where I can work on incrementally getting better again.

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