Idle Security Thought 

One thing that makes me laugh a little is when someone says "be sure to hide your IP address, that needs to stay a secret!" Like, yeah, don't post your public IP address on the internet, it makes you a target. But your public IP address is incredibly easy to figure out and is, as the name implies, public.

So unless you're going through the trouble of setting up a reverse proxy that you fully control, someone somewhere is going to know what your real IP address is.

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Idle Security Thought 

Technically a VPN can obscure your public IP address, but what you're essentially doing there is telling your VPN company "I trust you implicitly, please hide me." If you're wrong then they just misuse the information for their own purposes, including possibly selling it or passing it along to other parties.

It's also very common for your public IP address to leak through a VPN because of bad opsec anyway, and quite easy to reverse engineer through fingerprinting.

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