Say what you will about Windows, but aside from maybe 3 instances I can think of I've never had to perform open command-line surgery on a Windows machine to fix it.

I have a VM set up to centralize my logs using Graylog, and it just... stopped working after a reboot. Logs were vague and didn't explain next steps. By chance my first Google search turned up an identical situation. Somehow the file permissions were changed for ElasticSearch and broke it.

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This is a dedicated VM which is never accessed for any reason except to perform maintenance, so the only realistic option is that either Linux screwed up or Graylog screwed up. I'll never know for sure.

Anyway, giving Elasticsearch folder permissions fixed it... What would have happened if I was unlucky and that search didn't turn up the result immediately?

Linux is not nearly as far ahead of Windows as we'd like to think. It has it's own bucket of jank, it's just a bucket of jank we prefer.

Call me crazy but I'm of the belief that if all I did was reboot a machine that it should work when I turn it back on.

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